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2N1™ The 2N1 unit is the best of both worlds. Make it a podium display. The 2N1 can be easily switched into a table top display with the same illuminated image on the front. Then open it up to reveal more graphics.
AURA™ AURA is a great backlit solution for any environment. Stable and stylish free-standing aluminum extrusion frame fits in perfectly with any existing display.

LED Lightframe™ The LED light frame is a great product for displaying your backlit graphics. This aluminum indoor frame can be mounted to a walls and other structures. The frame is designed for easy graphic change.
Luminary™ The Luminary is a unique combination of a contoured rollable light box and a telescoping banner stand.

Power Panel Power Panels are available for any pop-up on the market. The Power Panel is a Lambda Duratrans backlit panel produced at a larger width that bows out.

Ultimate Backlit Header The Ultimate is a patented backlit header system that fits ANY curved pop-up display. Because it is universal to all curved pop-ups, it is a great option for adding a backlit header for an easy refurbishment or for display brands you do not carry.