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Salesmate™ 4x3 Exhibitor Series

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Salesmate™ 4x3 Exhibitor Series 

Salesmate™ 4x3 Exhibitor Series 

Salesmate™ 4x3 Exhibitor Series 

Salesmate™ 4x3 Exhibitor Series 

Salesmate™ 4x3 Exhibitor Series 


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Salesmate™ is one of the hottest display options on the market. Compact, convenient and east set-up, The Salesmate™ is small in size when traveling, upon set-up the all inclusive skins provide great impact!

The Salesmate™ Exhibitor Series Kits were designed to provide turn-key table-top display options that carry over the excitement and purpose of xpressions®. The Exhibitor Series Kits include everything needed to travel and display efficiently at trade shows. Set-up is a breeze with a full size 8' throw emblazoned with a large perma logo presence. Each 8' throw can be converted to a 6' with the included velcro tabs. The Salesmate™ display comes with the graphics already on the frame. Traveling with large displays is becoming less and less attractive, choosing Salesmate™ compromises nothing except the hassle! Salesmate™ Exhibitor Series table-top kits eliminate a little stress out of life. Have a great show!


Kit Options Weight Bag Convert-
Exhibitor Series 15 lbs. Large Yes 5

Additional Specs:
  • Unit Colors: Black
  • Shipping Weight: add 2 - 5 lbs. for box and packing



Please search the Templates page for specific Salesmate™ templates



  • Oval Shelf

    Oval Shelf
  • Round Shelf

    Round Shelf
  • Rectangular Shelf

    Rectangular Shelf
  • Large Soft Carrying Bag

    Large Soft Carrying Bag
  • Replacement Carrying Bag

    Replacement Carrying Bag


Salesmate™ 4x3 Exhibitor Series


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