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SYNC™ 83 Gullwing

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SYNC 83g 

SYNC 83g 

SYNC 83g 

SYNC 83g 

SYNC 83g 



The SYNC self locking pop-up system takes pop-ups to the next level with fantastic lightweight, easily attached channel bars featuring recessed magnets to avoid damage. In the case of damage the SYNC pop-up system has an UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY. That means no argument, no fine print and what’s more you don’t have to register it. The SYNC pop up is being offered at the lowest possible margins, therefore we cannot offer the SYNC frame without graphics. The SYNC pop-up system is called a system for a reason. It syncs up perfectly with our Lambda graphics. As you know continuous tone Lambda graphics are the very best graphic you can provide to your customer. They are 100% guaranteed against delamination and provide the highest quality image.


Size    Weight System
8' x 20' 160 lbs. (Frame,Graphics, Channel Bars and shipping case) 8 quad x 3 quad curved self locking, light weight, fully cross braced pop-up system

Fabric Panel & Endcap Options:
  • Silver/Grey Frontrunner (PMS 423c)
  • Blue Imperial Frontrunner (PMS 2757c)
  • Black-ecofi Lava (Pantone Black)


  • Halogen Light - 150w or 200w

    SYNC Halogen Light
  • LED Arm Light

    SYNC LED Light
  • SYNC Light Case

    SYNC Light Case
  • SYNC EZ Roller Case

    SYNC EZ Roller Case
    with foam inserts & graphic dividers
  • SYNC Case

    SYNC Case
  • SYNC Case-to-Counter Cover

  • Two Case Option: 2 "0" Cases

    O Case
  • Power Panel

    Power Panel
  • Case to Counter

    Case to Counter
  • End Cap Brackets

    End Cap Brackets


SYNC™ 83 Gullwing


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