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VBurst!™ Fabric Pop-Ups

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VBurst™ The VBurst™ is a fabric pop-up system with a fabric graphic already attached to the frame using Velcro. It is available as either a flat wall or curved display.

VBurst™ Backlit - Curved 8ft or 10ft VBurst™ Fabric Curved Pop-ups are now available as a backlit kit! Good looks and convenience make VBurst™ the smart choice for media backdrops and trade shows.

VBurst™ Backlit - Flat 8ft or 10ft VBurst Fabric Flat Pop-ups have a kit for backlighting! Convenience, functionality and good looks make VBurst the smart choice for media backdrops and trade shows.

Xtension Xtension the lighter and easier to set up pop-up stand. Xtension is a pop-up display with a dye-sublimation fabric which gives an excellent color execution.

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