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Digital Imaging

Before outputting any of our digital products, we "preflight" the customer generated computer files. This entails checking for viruses, adequate resolution, image links and fonts, ensuring that all the graphic elements of the file are correct and will print properly.

Our 40 technicians, throughout a three shift production schedule, perform size adjustments, photo retouching, color correction, color matching and complex customer requests that including design and assembly of layouts. Our extensive production capabilities are achieved with the aid of our fully loaded Digital Imaging Department and the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator CS, Photoshop CS, InDesign CS, QuarkXpress and other graphics software.

All jobs are archived on our state of the art back-up system. This system serves the dual purpose of allowing us to archive customer files for quick retrieval on reorders and provide an extra measure of file security for our customers.

Color Management

Color Management is involved in nearly every aspect of the production of our products.

  • We have educated our Customer Service and Technical Service personnel in the capabilities of our equipment to help them assist our clients make informed decisions, and maintain realistic expectations.
  • We provide a multitude of reference material, training, support, and assistance to our Digital Imaging department to make sure our color is correct the first time.
  • We maintain and track our printers abilities, color drift, and calibration over time to ensure accuracy, consistency, and predictability.
  • We give support and troubleshooting to the inspectors should a question or problem with color be found. We then take control of that problem and ensure it is corrected.

All of this is done using a team approach. We do this using a number of tools:

  • Obviously, our Pantone books represent a large facet of our job. It is the industry standard for accurate color communication, and is a cornerstone to our color matching. We actually have pre-matched the entire Pantone Solid Coated library on 2 of our processes and are working on our 3rd. This allows our Digital Imaging department to print with full confidence, any Pantone color and know they are getting the closest match possible.
  • Reference charts are available. An easy to use chart that shows swatches of over 22,000 CMYK values is often used when we are asked to match the color to an existing piece of art.
  • An inspection area, using color correct lights is available.
  • A vast database of matched colors is maintained. We record and store the information for every unique color match made. This ensures our ability to match a color that we provided previously
HD Dye-Sublimation

HD Dye Sub is the absolute benchmark in Grand Format Dye Sublimation. This technology is so cutting edge you will not find it anywhere else anytime soon. The remarkable difference in image quality, detail, color, accurate representation of images in a continuous tone presentation, is unmatched by any previous technology.

You will not believe the level of detail, control of gradients and mid tones reproduced through HD Dye Subs expanded color gamut and 1080 printing technology.

Select Dye-Sublimation

Our Select series printers produce very bright, very sharp, and very big displays.
Max print width: 70 inches
Max print length: 500 inches
A 4 color process (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) at 360x720 dpi, these prints are very crisp.

Your layouts are printed on a special coated paper, then heat transferred to any of more than a dozen different fabrics we stock.


Colossus Dye-Sublimation

Printing at a 118 inch width and a 450 inch length, our Colossus printers live up to their name.

We have 2 Colossus printers. One runs in 4 color mode (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) at 360 dpi. The other operates using 8 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and a Light version of each) also at 360 dpi. These are printed to a special coated paper, then heat transferred to any of more than a dozen different fabrics we stock.


Recently, a new way to print display graphics has really taken a hold of the industry. UV Curable direct substrate printing is here!

  • Printing in up to 7 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, and White)
  • 3 Available resolutions: 363x600 dpi, 354x540 dpi, 354x1080 dpi.
  • Max print width: 80 inches
  • The ink is 98% cured 1/20th of a second after printing by UV light, this allows us great flexibility and ability to provide new products
  • We can print double sided on most materials
  • Prints directly on the surface of the substrate
  • Substrates can be up to 1 inch thick, and be any color, even clear.

The addition of white ink opens a whole world of creative ideas when printing on colored or clear surfaces. Along with the ability to cut custom or profile shapes, the possibilities are endless!

Lambda Photo Imaging

Photographic printing at it’s best. Printing up to 50 inches wide at 200 ppi, the quality is unmatched. A wide choice in material is available.

  • Bright – Normal photographic paper.
  • Trans – For back lit displays.
  • Flex – High contrast, high saturation.
  • Metallic – A high contrast material with a metallic finish.

With our array of finishing options including mounting and laminating, Lambda printing provides excellent color reproduction, sharp and crisp layouts, and a very versatile product.

After your job is printed there are various steps involved in completing your order. Our skilled workers guide it through these finishing stages of the work flow.

Quality Control

We consider the quality of our products and services to be most important for our clients and your customers. All graphics and related hardware are quality inspected prior to packaging them for shipment.

A First Inspection of all printed graphics occurs immediately after it has been printed. The First Inspection is an integral part of the overall quality of the final product to ensure that size, color, quantity, layout, specific job specifications and overall quality have been achieved prior to any trimming and finishing of the graphic.

The Final Inspection occurs after the job has been completely finished with all specifications such as mounting to specific banner stand, mural panel hardware and magnets or pole pockets and grommets. All graphics are mounted our hung on the framework for which the job is produced. If a mural panel, the panels are hung and inspected on that specific manufacturers frame. If the graphic is a fabric back-wall system, it is mounted to the framework and then final inspected. If the graphic is for a hanging tension frame or tension back-wall, the graphics are hung on the frame for final inspection. For those re-order jobs that don't include a piece of framework, the job is set up and hung on the our stock framework. At this time, all aspects of quality and workmanship are inspected, again looking at correctness of size, color, quantity, layout, specific job specifications and overall quality.

Finally, the jobs are packaged by our inspection and packaging staff to ensure its safe transport to you or your client's facility.


We operate 27 sewing machines, 9 different types. 19 people, 3 shifts. We use basic seams for our more simple product lines. Additionally we have the ability to take on more advanced challenges such as covering aluminum structures. We can even match stitches on a sample sent to us if you desire.


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